Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New books? New ideas!

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You know that feeling when you start reading a new book, how suddenly everything seems to be about what you read? Well, I looove it. So I thought I should share...

 Everytime I "discover" a new book it's like my whole life gets new meaning. Plus, I get to make lots of new friends everytime, both fictional and in real life (like in fansites and suff). But that's not the point. It's all about the new ideas that get stuck in your mind after reading a book. Take this week for exsample: I started reading J. Patterson's series, Maximum Ride.I'm totally hooked up. I'm already halfway though the forth book, and just can't stop thinking about it. I keep mentioning it to my friends, my familly (I bet my sisters want to struggle me every time I read a new book :P), even use it as refrence at school. I'm constantly searching for more and more info about the books, possible movies, fanarts....there's a blog menioned in the books, supposed to be run by one of the characters, and the first thing I did was google it. And guess what? It's real! But the most important is how I startd thinking about things mentioned in the books (eg global warming), things thet I either nad never thought about before or I had but in a completely diferent way.

Anyways, my point's that that's one more way books can affect you. They change the way you see things, whether that's small everyday stuff or something way more important, each book you read gives you a whole new perspective to think about. 

Question time!
In what ways does a new book affect YOU?

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  1. I too like the way a good book affects me. My fiance probably wants to strangle me too, after I finish reading a book I talk to her about it enough she feels she doesn't need to read it (though I always asks if she is planning on reading it before I spoil it for her). When I finished reading "Player of Games" by Iain M. Banks I literally felt intoxicated for days. It's always special when you find a book that pulls you in with a great plot or great writing and a wonderful use of language.
    Great post.